New partnership with All About Oldham

I met Richard the founder of All About Oldham a few months ago and it was great to hear his story of creation behind the business and what he hopes it will drive for the borough. He brings a great passion for all things local and using the power of online, social media and car advertisement to engage businesses around the borough, it will make our town more visible to each other, more connected and ultimately a closer community.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to be involved with this as I am very fortunate to have had years of local support from numerous people and businesses around Oldham. It is humbling to know that there are people willing to be so generous and that have supported me on my journey to London 2012, Rio 2016 and currently training towards Tokyo 2020.

I am excited to be part of something that promotes so many different aspects of Oldham and it is also is a fantastic way to highlight my brand that one day will grow my legacy from international hockey. It is an evolving journey and being more involved with the community, supporting others to enjoy sport and be active is all part of that. Click here to visit the All About Oldham website.