A year with Audi

It may come as a surprise but I am a bit of a car lover, as some of the hockey girls and my family will know, I love driving and I do a lot of it, so I guess it is a good job. I think it probably came from watching F1 with my brothers and dad growing up and also playing many PlayStation racing games with them too, anything I could win at I would play! I used to love going Go-Karting to see how fast I could go, but most of the time being 4 years younger than my brother, it ended up me just trying to not get overtaken and blocking him being the usual annoying little sister, but hey, at least my defensive driving skills are up to scratch!

Passing my test at 18 years old, I of course wanted a snazzy fast car, an Audi would have been right up there, but I think sharing my mums 1.2 litre Clio was probably a very good decision by her. However, Post Olympics 2016, Audi came to Oldham and I was absolutely delighted to find they were willing to support me.

April 2017, I met some of the staff at Oldham Audi very soon after opening and had a tour around the £8 million complex. It is impressive, not just by size, but the technology and equipment too, all tailored to make the experience for customers even more efficient and innovative. For example, the “quick check lane” is a pilot scheme here which is a drive through health check for the vehicle taking less than 5 minutes and can provide technicians with a series of information such as tyre pressures, braking balance and wheel alignment. Plus the customer can sit and admire the show if they wish :0) As an athlete we are always pushing boundaries and looking at changes we can make to improve performance, so it was a great insight into Audi to see what it looked like for them and how they are aspiring to change the industry for decades to come.

The best part for me though was being able to travel around the country in style, in my beautiful blue Q3 black edition. It is the biggest car I have driven but it was perfect as I could get all my hockey and kit bags easily in and of course my teammates too. I loved changing to an automatic gearbox too as it made it a lot smoother and easier (on the old left leg). Driving mostly by myself gives me a chance to work on my singing voice and so the Bose speakers were fantastic in drowning me out and also the Bluetooth was important for keeping me in touch with family and friends. The car has many brilliant features but those were some of my favourites ….. Oh and maybe the heated seats and automatic boot close!!

Overall, I have really enjoyed a great year with Audi but the sponsorship has unfortunately now come to an end. I want to say a huge thanks to all at Oldham Audi for your generosity and support, it really means a great deal to me and I wish you every success for the future in Oldham!